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Cheers to you Lovers,

10% gets to fund media for the planet!

My search for beauty in this world seeded in me a deep purpose for action many moons ago. Along with developing my passion for photography, I studied environmental earth sciences and communications and have volunteered for over two decades in initiating local and worldwide actions towards a greener planet, where resilient communities can grow. With that heart beating so profoundly for the surrounding beauties, I contribute 10% of every project towards developing media material for conservation of the beauty that brings so much to our lives. 

Because Water is Love and its future looks threatening, my aim is to tell stories related to Water.

This year the focus is on our backyard river: The Columbia

Watershed Moments FilM, see more about it here.

Washed Away Film, see more about it here.

Looking into the future

a film about the serendipity of life in the Cenote (sinkhole) of Mexico

Another Glacier Film with the most amazing badass scientist I know!

Looking into the past, your bookings have helped support

Carving Landscapes Film

One Film-Sailing Expedition in the Caribbeans for to support Ocean/Micro plastic research

Forever Love

Imagery is widely distributed worldwide to NGOS that support initiatives related to water and our Local group NCES.