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Based in Revelstoke, British Columbia & Baha California, also available around the Kootenays, Rockies, Okanagan & Vancouver Island.

I love travelling!



The Revelstoke Wedding Collective is me Agathe Bernard and a community of talented and inspiring people I love working with. I provide wedding and videography services and connect you with talented floral designers, hair & Makeup artists, local jewellers and the most amazing venues all based in the surroundings of Revelstoke, BC and Baha California, where I spend a lot of time.

 As long as I can remember I have been captivated by photography. I received my first camera at he age of 7 years old, carefully pressing the shutter button and making sure I was not waisting my 24 frames. I remember looking at images in National Geographic awe for hours, wondering how these heart-wrenching images were taken and who was the one taking them. I discovered the dark room at college. I fell in love with my secrete life in this red room, the sour smells of the developer, the feeling of magic at my fingertips and the moments in time that only I captured appearing before my eyes. These were some of the sweetest memories of my young adult life. Even though I have gone digital since my magical time in the dark room, I am still privileged to relive a part of that alchemy every time I click the shutter and then watch my images come to life. There are few things that I enjoy more than capturing something in the way that I truly see it. Come with me on my journey of discovery and fall in love with the people and places the way I do in my heart of hearts. 

Photographing people can be a deeply emotional thing for me. Getting to peek into someone else’s true and authentic life is one of the highest honour one could enjoy. Some people fall in love with characters in a book or televisions series, I fall in love with the people that trust me enough to let their true selves emerge from my photographs of them.  Having spent time on both sides of the camera, I know what It’s like to be in that venerable place. You wonder if another human will ever be able to capture your story the way you want it told, or even better, surprise you with a story that you never knew about yourself. A great joy in my life is finding beauty in the simple, unnoticed details, that often reveal the truest insights into who we are. This work can be as satisfying for me as it is for you, and that’s why I treat every session as if it were the most important I’ve ever shot.

Revelstoke is a well-known worldwide destination. Renowned for its rocky alpine, mountainous peaks, riverbanks, world class skiing and mountain biking, and inland temperate rainforest, the magnitude of Revelstoke’s appeal can tell its own story. Most conveniently, the City is centrally located just off the Trans Canada Highway, making travel for my work not only a possibility, but a reality.

The familiarity of travel in my line of work takes me places near and far. I am happy to bring my services east to Golden and out towards Banff and Canmore in Alberta; south towards Nakusp, New Denver and Nelson, or towards Vernon and Kelowna; and west toward Salmon and Kamloops. I love that I can explore and quench my own personal thirst for travel while working with you to capture your unforgettable moments on film.

I plan on spending more winter time in Baja, California in winters and I am looking forward to offering my professional services in that region as well for your destination wedding.

Browse the galleries for a taste of creative adventurous wedding ideas. Then contact me to start planning your dream mountain wedding. I will capture your wedding day in beautiful, creative, modern photographs.



Photography, like life, happens only in the present, and when we're at our best we proactive craft and create art that points people to the most astonishing, beautiful, and human moments- the ones that happen in a sliver, almost a moment within a moment, and are gone.

– david duchemin –




Deluxe Delivery Packages

All photo packages come with an online gallery and 8H+ packages include a USB deluxe package and ten 6x4 high quality prints. The boxes are made from sustainably harvested wood sourced from a local mill called Take to Heart in Revelstoke. Revelstoke's wood is special because it is part of the only inland temperate rainforest in the world. The box is made without hinges and the cover fits with the bottom to symbolize the union of two people that fit perfectly together. The boxes are handmade with lots of love (and time :). Linseed oil is used to finish the outside. Wood-burning is still new for me, please see the imperfections as a sign of authenticity. 

Cedar is often referred to as the tree of life. Its size and longevity symbolizes strength and eternity, especially given the tree's perseverance through tumultuous weather events.

I care about delivering a final product that is unique and tangible. It also makes me use my hands, which is a nice change from the digital world.

Revelstoke Wedding Photographer

Our Gift to you

We also believe it is very important to have a pre wedding photo session. This really allows you to become comfortable in front of the camera and become familiar with our easy going shooting style. It also allows us to get to know you as a couple and what makes you tick, what makes you laugh, and know how to run things on the day, so that we are not practicing anything on the big day and get it right for both of you. That is why most of our packages include this wonderful pre-wedding session.